Mandate Monitor

We monitor, categorise and understand the rules and announcements of the international card schemes (such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express)

We provide solutions

As trailblazers we can completely change our clients’ business operations with entirely new and complex solutions to ensure that they can remain competitive in the long run.

Operating in Europe, paying attention to Latin America

Our focus is on Europe, yet we are also present on the vibrant, South American market always open to new innovations. Our Latin American centre is located in Mexico City. We take European solutions overseas and return with new innovations yet unknown in this part of the world.

What does PhenoGyde stand for?


from Ancient Greek φαίνω Phaínō, “to bring to light, make appear; to come to light, appear”

We are always on the lookout for new innovations, and develop solutions for our clients that provide them with competitive advantage in the long term as well. Thanks to our innovative approach, we are able to create effective and feasible strategies paving the way for highly profitable business, often bringing about unexpectedly remarkable success.


from English ‘Guide’, referring to someone who leads others, explores and gives advice,

Our focus is always on providing solutions that can effectively respond to real-life challenges. That is one of the reasons why many significant financial institutions and FinTech startups decide to involve us in their flagship projects as a strategic advisor.


Only companies that are always on the lookout for new opportunities, stay one step ahead of their competitors and are bold enough to adopt new solutions are capable of achieving long-term success. Our goal is not only to simply provide our partners with business tools, but to offer them complex, futureproof solutions that will enable them to remain competitive in the long run, and thanks to the constant renewal, making them trend creators rather than trend followers. This is the strategy that has made us successful, and we are convinced that this is the ultimate path leading to the success of our clients as well.


It's not enough to be good, you have to look good too. This saying is particularly true in the banking sector. We know how transform financial services into real customer experience and ensure that the products meet the needs of the target group, while also increasing both profitability and customer satisfaction. We have managed and implemented a lot of complex projects, and have achieved impressive results that prove the value of our work.


FinTech startups are the masters of new ideas, and we know how to build well-structured, commercially thriving businesses and partnerships on the basis of such innovative concepts. We have been on this journey ourselves, and being familiar with all of its steps, we are glad to guide others through it..


There is no success without risks. When heading into the unknown, it’s best to have guide with you, who has travelled the same path before.

The success of our partners is our best testimonial.

We work together with our clients to innovate and achieve growth for this generation as well as the next.

“Metapay had the balls and the payment system expertise to do the unthinkable and turn major cashpools in a very demanding environment to fully cashless before it happened anywhere in the world”

Milán Gauder

payment guru, ex EVP Acceptance Products Worldwide @ Mastercard

“The Sziget Festival has shifted dimensions in payment solutions with Metapay. They were the only ones who could help us succeed at the time.”

Károly Gerendai

Founder of Sziget Festival

“I was a bit hesitant about how these suited geeks would fit in and operate in a festival environment. Yet, despite my fears – even though this usually takes great routine and in most cases, multiple seasons – Gabor and his team figured this out perfectly, right from the start.”

Gábor Takács

Founder of Sziget Festival

„We have had limited but challenging interactions but I have always found you and your organisation to be resourceful in finding solution and thorough in communications.”

Stephen Dickson

Group CFO @ eMerchantPay

“Numerous memorable projects connect us with Metapay. As a mutual savings bank and a FinTech, we came up with solutions that would be enviable even for today’s operators in the banking sector. Nonetheless, the most memorable moment was the time we treated the team to a barbeque at Sziget Festival.”

József Vida

President, Chief Executive Officer @ Takarékbank

‘We collaborated with the Metapay/PhenoGyde team on multiple projects. On each occasion, we were entirely sure about our safety, the safety of the project and the safety of our customers: the expertise and dedication of the team was always guaranteed.’

Bence Sármay

country manager @ Visa

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